Guidelines for Re-Publishing Our Content

For Sound Feelings Publishing and affiliated companies.

Thank you for wishing to REPOST our article on your website or blog. If you abide by the following criteria we will grant permission.

  • On the page in the header section of the CODE, you must place the following link:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

(Adjust the url based on the ORIGINAL source page being duplicated.)
(Note: The " symbol is the “non-smart” quotation symbol.)
(Note: For Wordpress sites, in the “edit page” area, you will see “Canonical URL” where you add the URL of our page. If you don’t see it, the go up to Screen Settings > and check: Theme SEO Settings.)

  • Please do not make any alterations to the content of the article itself other than excerpting it. (You may shorten it but do not change it.)
  • Please indicate the author credit, CLEARLY either at the beginning:
    “by Howard B. Richman”
    or at the end:
    “article by Howard B. Richman.” (Or whomever the author is.)
  • At the beginning or at the end of the article, state the following:
    “Original version of this article is found here” (and hyperlink the word “here” to the original page of the article.)



  • Send us an email for final approval after you have done these steps.