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Free Online Music Flash Cards

        Learn to read notes with free online music games. “Name that Note” is a Flash game that allows music students to learn how to read music from 2 different clefs and through 3 different difficulty levels. Specifically, these are treble clef flash cards, bass clef flash cards alto clef flash cards and tenor clef flash cards. (C-clef flash cards). The challenge is to correctly name as many notes as you can within a time limit, with the higher difficulty settings giving you more difficult notes to work with in less time. This free online music game is a wonderful complement to learn to read notes. The music flashcards are all digital, as they are web-based. It creates a random sequence of notes, so it is a random note generator.

        Free Online Music Flash Cards, Name that Note game will keep score! Scores are saved and displayed to promote friendly rivalry. Winners are invited to list their names. Email addresses are requested for verification purposes. Emails will NOT be posted or ever, ever used for solicitations of any kind. You can play the game without entering your name and email address but your winning number will not be posted. NOTE: Once a year or so, we will delete the scores to give people a fresh chance at competing.

        You can play Name that Note online music flash cards as long as you like, always for free! If you need to know what the names of each note are on the treble and bass staves, you can learn them from our how-to-read-music page.

        Requires Flash to run. If you don’t have a Flash player installed on your computer, you can download it for free here.

        Here is a nifty alternative that DOES NOT require flash.


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“I really like your flash cards, and have given the link to all my recorder students.”

—Belinda Keir,
Sydney, Australia


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