Forced Cash Gifts

      Completely automated forced matrix turns $10 into $944350 in one year! ForcedCashGifts is the easiest way to make passive money online. Only five referrals are needed and watch the system grow. Forced Cash Gifts is a brilliant approach to cash gifting that allows you to start out with a very small investment. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to make a lot of money with very little effort or expense.


    As of March 2015, this program appears to be shut down. The website is not working and the back office is not working. There was no contact from the company about this and I have to say that this is RUDE!

    I’m keeping this page up because 404 errors are annoying. But just forget about “Forced Cash Gifts.”

    Meanwhile, here are some other programs that may interest you: ity.htm

    Sincerely, Howard Richman

The Benefits of a Forced Matrix.

      In a “pyramid” structure, the people at the top make money but the people who join later make nothing. But in a forced matrix structure, such as in Forced Cash Gifts, you are guaranteed success because your sponsor is obligated to help you in order for him to make money!

How Does a Forced Matrix Work?

      • You can only have a certain amount of people directly sponsored under you.
      • The ForcedCashGifts matrix is 5x4 = Each member can only have 5 people under them 4 levels deep.
      • You will receive Spillover & Spillunder helping grow your business faster

How is Forced Cash Gifts Unique?

      • Initial payment in our program is only $10 and recovered immediately with your first referral.
      • You do not spend money from your own pocket to buy new levels.
      • You get paid instantly. We do not collect money from you or your downline members.
      • Receiving or sending money is “a deal” between you and the other members. ForcedCashGifts provides a convenient tool to process your wealth.
      • Spillover in our program starts to work for you as soon as you activate your membership - paid the 1st level and your payment has been confirmed by receiver.
      • You can refer only if you have at least the 1st membership level.
      • No sponsoring required! No monthly and admin fees!
      • Forced Cash Gifts offers a realistic plan to earn about $1 Million in one year!

Spillover & Spillunder.

      • Spillover is when you get people under you refer by the person on top of you (your sponsor) since your sponsor can only have a certain amount of people anyone who refers goes under you this is called spillover
      • Spillunder is when the people under you sponsor people making your business grow.


Membership Level













5 first level referrals pay you $10 each.






25 second level referrals pay you $20 each..






25 third level referrals pay you $40 each.






625 fourth level referrals pay you $80 each.











5 first level referrals pay you $160 each..






25 second level referrals pay you $320 each.






125 third level referrals pay you $640 each.






625 fourth level referrals pay you $1280 each.





Total Income



      6) Enjoy your success!

Personal Message from Howard Richman

      The Overnight Cash System income opportunityI’ve tried more than 40 income opportunities over the past 25 years. I’m kind of a dreamer and I’ve definitely been fooled many times. Forced Cash Gifts is very well worked out! The fact that it is also so easy is an extra bonus. Many of you know me as a piano teacher, composer and author. I was looking for something to supplement my main work that was fun and easy and did not take too much time, and I finally found it! (This is my own personal testimonial. Please do not copy it for your own promotions.)


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