Intuitive Angel Readings
By Denise Bennett

Information Sheet
and Contact Information

Angel readings are quite unique. I have written this information sheet to help you get a better idea of what I do and what to expect. If this makes sense and resonates with your intention, please contact me and we can begin.

What is a reading?

Intuitive readings are like road maps. They offer direction and clarity. Readings are informative, comforting, and often revealing. They are sought for many reasons. Some people are interested in predictions and other forms of psychic entertainment, but I prefer to do readings solely for healing purposes.

How is it done?

I speak with you briefly, asking a question or two about what concerns you. Then, acting as a liaison, I relate your question to my angel guides who in turn, speak with yours. (Each of us has several angel guides who remain with us during our lifetime.) Then, I write down what I “hear.” Later, we talk on the phone and I tell you what was said. I can do readings for anyone, anywhere. I prefer to do them in a quiet place without distractions.

Where is the information coming from?

The answers to every question can be accessed by tapping into a vast pool of universal knowledge. This information is available for our use. It is important to me that I empower people, so part of what I do is to teach you how to get the answers on your own.

Is this safe?

Yes. I begin the reading by asking my angels to show me how to help someone. I state my intention to have only positive energy around me. That is all I need do. Just as we decide what type of movie to watch or what kind of food to eat, it is important to invite only loving beings into our presence.

I hope that I’ve explained intuitive readings sufficiently so that you can make a decision that’s right for you. (I also do release work which clears out old behavioral patterns. Readings are an integral part of this healing work.) Keep in mind that a reading is just a starting point. There are many wonderful changes ahead but your full participation is required. If you are willing to change your perspective, an amazing transformation awaits you. You are embarking on a journey to discover greater love of self. I encourage you to trust the process and move forward in joy!



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Denise Bennett
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Studio City CA 91614

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