Cooperative AdWords Pool
With MLM
Brings Huge Profits!

    True auto-pilot system brings in non-stop flow of payments every hour! Double your money in a month. Combines group AdWords purchases with MLM component. It’s kind of like the “mutual fund” of Adwords. Let’s say you want to make money with Google AdWords, but you don’t have enough money or knowledge to get started. The Cooperative AdWords Pool with MLM will allow you to reap the huge profits of AdWords without the huge investment.

    GoogleMLMCash Cooperative AdWords Pool
    This chart shows my earnings in one month have more than DOUBLED!
    I Joined the program 11/18/2009. This screen shot was taken 12/20/2009
    I started with $748 but you can start with as low as $49, one-time investment.


Passive Income Without Effort

    Google MLM Cash cooperative Adwords investing pool pays you a profit of 5-8% a DAY!! All you do is put your seed money in and just sit back. This is just amazing. The experts at GoogleMLMCash cooperatively invest your money into proven Google AdWords campaigns and then share the profits with its members -- and it is a LOT of profit! IN ADDITION, they have a 3-level MLM component, so that you are ALSO able to make additional profits from introducing this program to other people.

Low Initial Investment

    With Cooperative AdWords investing, you simply invest in units of $49. You can invest $49, $98, $147, $196, $245, $294, etc. You can always increase your initial investment at a later date. They also have a feature where you can re-invest or compound your investment so your profits will proportionately increase.

Here is the Update on This Program.

    Although it appeared that I tripled my investment over a 2 month period, the company has disappeared and I have lost my money. I attempted to cash out but my request was ignored. My 10 emails to the company were ignored.

    This company was a SCAM and this is very unfortunate. At this time, Please see my list of income opportunities that actually WORK!