Global Independence Day for Planet Earth- 2017-7-6

Global Independence Day for Planet Earth - July 6, 2017

by Howard B. Richman

I haven’t created an official “blog” yet and as you can see, my Sound Feelings website needs quite an overhaul. This is not a numerological thing or even an intuitive thing. This is just a mathematical observation. But... even with the above disclaimer, I wanted to share my observation.

There is probably much more symbolism in dates and timing that we are ever aware of. Considering this, when you re-arrange the numbers of July 6, 2017, which might be written as 7/6/2017 or 7/6/17 into “computer” order, where the YEAR comes first, you will get: 17/7/6, which will be reduced to: 1776.

I have heard from many sources that our planet is on the verge of many breakthroughs, spiritually, financially, dimensionally, etc. It seems to me that this date, 1776, which represents “independence” and “freedom” has a window of opportunity for us to all hold the highest thought to possibly attain this for ourselves and for the planet.

We are seeking independence and freedom from all unseen forces that are holding us back.

From history, we can observe that we learn the same lessons again and again, individually and as a culture. Events are known to occur in CYCLES. It seems to me that we have an opportunity right now, to witness a repeat of this freedom energy. I like to think that the original intent of America’s Declaration of Independence can be manifested by all of us on this planet if we see it clearly enough and if we no longer tolerate negativity.

Each person has his or her own way of doing this. I would like to encourage us all to do what we do in our own way to release any blockages or negativity in our lives and in this world so we can all be uplifted.

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